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VAKGEBIEDEN: Mens & Maatschappij

THEMA'S: Inspiratie – Leiderschap – Netwerken


INZETBAAR: Dagvoorzitterschap – Moderator – Workshop’s & Masterclasses – Panellid – Host

TALEN: Engels 

“I'm a time traveler,

I take you on a journey,

not a tour”

Jennifer Tosch, is a cultural heritage historian, entrepreneur, co-author, and founder of Black Heritage Tours in Amsterdam,

the Netherlands, New York State and Brussels, Belgium. Jennifer was born in Brooklyn, New York to Surinamese parents,

who immigrated to the USA in the 1960s from Suriname, South America, a former Dutch colony.

Jennifer came to Netherlands in 2012 from California, where she grew up, to study abroad and learn more about her family heritage. Jennifer graduated from UC, Berkeley after completing an exchange program at a Utrecht University and Black Europe Summer School in Amsterdam in 2012.

She is now working towards a Dual-Masters in Heritage & Memory Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Since arriving

in the Netherlands, Jennifer has been on a quest to deconstruct and de-colonize the entangled history she was born into,

and to learn more about her Suriname family heritage, especially about her mother who grew up in Holland in the late 1940s, after WWII. After Jennifer completed her studies she launched, Black Heritage Tours (BHT) in Amsterdam, inspired by the lack of information and knowledge about the black presence in the Netherlands during the '17th Century Dutch Golden Age'.

The tour travels through the city exploring the 'hidden history' and traces of the Black presence, colonial products, investors, and enslavers, that are still visible on canal houses of former plantation owners/shareholders, national monuments and

in museums. In 2014 Jennifer co-authored the book, Amsterdam Slavery Heritage Guide with over 115 locations throughout the city that are connected to the Dutch colonial past, and Black history.

Since launching BHAT in 2013 she and her team have shared the tour journey with over a thousand local and international guests. Jennifer is also part of the 'Mapping Slavery Project' connecting the Dutch global footprint and its connected history around the world and August 2017 she co-authored the second book: Dutch New York Histories – Connecting African, Native American and Slavery Heritage. [Sample pages:].

The new tour in New York State explores the sites of memory and an amazing journey back in time to the 17th Century! Jennifer is also the proud mother of one daughter and grand-daughter living with their family in California, USA.



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